Happy Halloween! ๐ŸŽƒ

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It’s been nearly a year since last Halloween and I’m still in LOVE with our family Halloween costume. ย I know the days of getting the kids to agree to a theme are quickly coming to an end so I knew I needed to act quickly in having all 3 of our pumpkins dress alike.

So we decided to go with a bee theme!

  • Daddy – Bee Keeper
  • Mom – Flower
  • Big Sis – Bee
  • Big Brother – Bee Hive
  • Baby Brother – Bee

It was an easy theme for us to put together and we got so many compliments. ย I just love how it turned out!

In case you are wondering how you can re-create elements of this family costume yourself, here are a few of the things that I used:

Mom’s Flower Headband

Baby’s Costume

  • Moby Wrap (by the way…I LOVE my Moby wrap!!!)
  • The hat, wrap, and booties were handmade – email me if you are interested

Daddy’s Beekeeper Costume

Brother’s Beehive Costume

I hope you enjoy!!

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