Say it Again Mom

Say it Again Mom

When will my children realize that if they only listened to me the first time I told them to do something, life would be SO MUCH SIMPLER…for all of us!  There have been so many times that I wish I could record myself telling my kids something because I feel like I repeat it over and over and over.

A few things that I wish I could put on repeat to automatically play these days are:

  • “Don’t hang on the gate” (Meaning the baby gate blocking off our kitchen.  I say this at least 10 times a day!)
  • “Your shoes don’t belong on the floor in the middle of the entryway.”
  • “Who forgot to flush the toilet?!”
  • “Mommy doesn’t need any help going to the bathroom” (I swear, me going to use the restroom must send an automatic signal for all three of my kids to join me in the bathroom!”)

I recently asked a few mom friends to join in my misery and share some of the things they find themselves repeating over and over ALL THE TIME.  The result was hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time.  I hope you enjoy!  Also, be sure to check out their blogs.  You will find a lot of great ideas and support on all topics mom related!

Mom Humor

Who Ever Said Kids Were Clean?

At least ten times a day I say “Don’t put that in your mouth!”

Elizabeth |


“Don’t put your hands in your poop” Every. Single. Time.

Jamie |


“Who forgot to flush again?!”

Krystal |


“Wash your hands.”

“I don’t want to hold your boogers.”

Tiffany |


“Please don’t wipe your boogers on the wall.”

Nicole |


“Really?! Food belongs in your mouth, not your hair!”

Chardae |


“Did you brush your teeth?!”

Jennifer |


Or Appropriate?

“Fingers don’t belong in noses”

Aryn |


I don’t know how many times I have to say “get your hand out of your pants” to my 2 year old girl.

Becky |


“Stop putting your penis on things!” (Anyone else’s son obsessed?)

Catherine |


“Stop touching my butt!”

Kim |


“You are not a dinosaur, stop roaring at them and say Hi” (to my four year old every single time we are out.)

“You can not ride the dog” (to my one year old several times a day.)

(Boys are fun!)

Dawn |


“That’s not a toy” (meaning their penis! Both my boys insist on playing with them.)

Marissa |


But Mom, It’s So Much Fun!

“We don’t ride the dog!”

“We don’t lick the couch!”



“Toilets are for pee and poop, not for toys.”

Chelsea |


“Don’t eat the dog’s food.”



“Where are you, where did you go?” (my 18month year old likes to hide under everything!)

“That one doesn’t belong in the bin”. (Her favourite thing to do at the moment is manage the bin and throw everything out!)

Chloe |


“Leave your sister alone, put her down”.

Amber | Metro Detroit Mommy


You Would Think They Enjoy Getting Hurt

 “Put your toys away before you start playing with new ones, or you’ll trip over of them”. (right before she trips…again)

Sheyla |


“Sit down before you fall down!” (She likes to stand and walk on the couch, bed, and her desk chair.)

Niki |


“Stop climbing the changing table” (toddlers!  Lol)

Julie |


“Get down and stop hanging off the stairs” (my 2 yr old)

Maria |


If Only They’d Use Their Eyes For Once

“Look with your eyes and not with your mouth!” (Everyone in my house seems to lose things on a regular basis and instead of looking for it they come and ask me where it is! I am constantly telling my three kids this.)

Vanessa |


“I don’t know where your other shoe is!”

Anne |


I Don’t Even Want to Know

“”Why are you (is this) wet?”

Inez |


Show Mom Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

“Can I please poop in peace?!” (As my kids ask millions of questions from outside the bathroom)

Alicia |


“Please stop yelling at me!”

Susan |



Aimee |


But Mom, Why Not?

“I’m not raising the world, I’m raising you.” (to my 5 going on 30 year old.)

Leann | My Mommy Sense Broke


“Mommy doesn’t control the wind”.   (Apparently that’s my fault.)

Morgan |


“No L that is not Batman. Yes, he’s wearing a batman shirt but that doesn’t mean he is batman.”

“No you can’t hit him in the tummy to see if he’s super strong.” “Why?” “Because he isn’t batman!”

Jenni |


“If your Dad tells you to do something, you do it” (my 5 yo then replies “what even burp the alphabet” or say fart, or other silly things that my husband thinks are hilarious and that my 5yo will one day learn when it’s appropriate to be gross and when it’s not!)

Alison |

But In the End, They Always Melt Your Heart

“I want to be with you, too, but you need to stay in your car seat while I’m driving.” (To my two year old who constantly asks to be with me when we’re in the car.)

Kristyn |


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