Easy DIY Wall Decor Gift

Easy DIY Wall Decor Gift

Whenever I have the chance to give a gift, I always try to give something personalized or something that I’ve made.  I feel like it adds special meaning when the recipient knows that I’ve selected the gift just or them.  Or I have taken the time to make something with them in mind.

I recently had the opportunity to make this adorable gift for a dear friend that is expecting her first daughter.  This project was so quick and easy.  I was done, start to finish, in about 15 minutes with this easy DIY wall decor gift.  Whether you are an aspiring crafter or a seasoned pro, this project is a perfect gift that anyone can make.

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DIY Wall Decor Gift

Supply List

  • Must Have Craft Tools (Especially the glue and tweezers)
  • Craft Knife + Safe Cutting Surface
  • Fine Grit Sand Paper (optional, but recommended)
  • Chipboard Heart
  • 1 – 12×12 Piece of Scrapbook Paper
  • 1 – 8 1/2×11 Piece of Coordinating Paper (or even a paper scrap!) for Name
  • Flower or other Embellishment.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  Amazon also has these that would also work.
  • Cricut Explore + Mat (or Chipboard letters – see below)

Supplies for Heart Wall Hanging


Step 1 – Place your 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper face down on your working surface.

Step 2 – Cover the front of the Chipboard heart (or shape of your choice) with glue.  Place it glue side down on the back of the 12×12 piece of paper.

Step 3 – On your cutting safe surface, trim around the outside of your heart with your craft knife.

Step 4 – (Optional but Recommended) – Sand the just the outside edge all around your shape.  This will help smooth out any rough edges and give your gift a uniform, finished look.

Step 5 -Cut the name with your Cricut Explore.  Be sure that the total length of the name will fit on the shape.  Alternatively, if you don’t have a Cricut Explore, you can purchase ready-made letters like these instead.  Use the glue and attach the letters.

Step 6 – Attach your selected element to your heart.  Depending on the shape and weight of your element, consider using hot glue to attach it to ensure that it will stick through the long haul.

That’s it!  Even if you’ve never made anything like this before, it shouldn’t take you very long.

I am already planning all of the great opportunities I can make more of these adorable hearts!  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  It would also make a very cute birthday gift for a little girl.  Best of all, it is really versatile.  Choose a different shape and color and the possibilities are endless.

I hope you have enjoyed this easy DIY Wall Decor Gift project!  If you make one for yourself, be sure to send me a picture.  I’d love to show off your awesome project.

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A Little ❤️ for the Teachers

A Little ❤️ for the Teachers

Next week is teacher appreciation week at my kid’s school.  I look forward to and dread this week all at the same time.

Our two teachers are wonderful this year and I adore both of them.  I have to say Kindergarten and 4th grade are pretty important transitional years and can’t imagine either are particularly easy to teach.  Having a great teacher can make a world of difference.  We were more than blessed by our daughter’s 4th grade teacher this year.  After hearing rumors that she was “tough” and “mean”, we weren’t sure what to expect. However, she has been amazing!!  She has taken our daughter into her heart and has really helped me understand more deeply that it truly does take a village to raise a child.

And for my son, I think Kindergarten teachers are somewhat of a miracle.  I can’t imagine how much patience and imagination and love it takes to bring a group of 20+ 5-year-olds through the journey that is kindergarten.

In addition to our two classroom teachers, there is an amazing woman that wears many hats and has been such a blessing to us and our children that even thigh she isn’t their classroom teacher, we are choosing to appreciate her as well.

Our teachers deserve some serious appreciation!  So why do I dread it?  Probably because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and put a bunch of pressure on myself to make awesome gifts that look great and will be loved.  That being said, I’ve decided to embrace the week this year and am jumping head first into showing some love!

I’ve decided to make four gifts for each teacher this year.  Each day has a different theme.  I feel a little (but not too) guilty that I’m skipping the gift card day but by the time they get to Friday, I really hope they’ll feel appreciated even though I’m skipping a day.

That means four gifts for 3 people, so 12 different gifts.  Did I mention it’s Saturday and this all starts on Monday?  Ok, here we go….

Monday – Garden Day

I found a printable that inspired my project for Monday’s theme here.  I was able to find a small lemon thyme plant at Trader Joes for $2.50/each.  The pots gave me a bit of trouble.  I didn’t want to spend too much on them but there was nothing that inspired me at the Dollar store or the other 3 stores I went to so I ended up spending about $4/each at Home Depot, but they are cute.  (If only I would have planned ahead, I could have saved some money on these cute pots on Amazon).  I personalized them with a bit of vinyl.  Then I printed and cut the tags and punched an eyelet and attached them to the plant with a bit of baker’s twine.

Here is the final product.  What do you think?

Tuesday – Handmade Day

I made each teacher a set of 10 colorful notecards with various themes.  We received a handwritten thank you note from two of them from the Christmas gifts we gifted so I know they like to write notes.  Who couldn’t use more pretty notecards?  I picked up a big pack of card blanks and cut a white square with a black square border that I stamped.  They were simple but I think they turned out great.

I also made each of them a notecard holder using a cut from the Artiste cartridge from CTMH.  I put the first initial of their first name on each of them.

Finally, as it was handmade day, I wanted my kids to participate in the handmaking.  I printed a really cool thank you teacher printable that I found here.  The kids each answered the questions and then drew a portrait of their teacher.  The answers were very cute!

Wednesday – Snack Day

Time for a yummy snack.  I decided to go with some of the mini crispy chocolate chip cookies that Trader Joes sells and filled a sandwich bag full for each of the teachers.  I cut out a “lunchbox” box from the Artiste cartridge of my CTMH cartridge out of the perfectly themed (now retired) Chalk It Up paper.

I used Cricut Design Space to make the cute tag you see below.

Thursday – Summer Fun Day

I’ve made it to the end of the week and so far have been very happy with how everything has turned out.  My last day has a Summer Fun theme and were supposed to gift something that could be used during the summer or a product typically found during the summer.  Here is what I came up with – personalized drink cups with a movie night inside. I love how the silver turned out.

I found these adorable Redbox gift tags here.  How perfect are these??  I put them in the cups with the microwaveable bowl of popcorn and they are ready to go!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.  Doing so will not increase the cost of your purchase and does not influence my opinion.