The Friday Five – Ways to Recharge as a Mom

The Friday Five – Ways to Recharge as a Mom

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This week we will be focusing on the topic of Ways to Recharge as a Mom.  As a mom, it is so easy to get caught up in the needs of everyone around you.  You take care of your kids, your significant other, the house, the finances.  As if that wasn’t enough, some of us work outside the home and need to add work and work relationships to that list.  If you are anything like me, you work really hard to make sure you give your best to each area.  I absolutely love that I have each one of these aspects to devote my attention to.

However, after pouring so much time, energy, and love into each one of these areas of my life, I sometimes realize that I am not taking the time to recharge and take care of myself.  It is so easy to do – so many people depend on me and I want to make sure they have everything they need before I even think about what I need.  Unfortunately, I usually realize that I’ve been neglecting myself when I’m on the verge of a major meltdown!  In order to be there and do the best for our family, we must first take care of ourselves.  There is a reason that they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others!

I am excited to share some great insights from some fabulous moms into ways that you can recharge as a mom and fill your own cup so you are ready to give your loved ones your best.  I hope you enjoy and will take some time to recharge very soon!

Andrea Rhoades | Selfies to Selfless: Real Talk for Millennial Parents

Recharge as a MomBeing a mom can strangely feel isolating at times even with so much love being shared. With two toddlers at home, I try to stay as proactive as I can to pepper in some ‘me’ time to keep some balance.

I connect with friends at least once a month. Even if that means sipping wine in the basement together after the kids have gone to bed for a couple of hours, it’s worth it to reconnect. Sharing your mommy grievances will remind you aren’t alone in this journey. I also do the same with my husband and take full advantage of those who offer to babysit. And arguably my favorite thing to do for a quick recharge is to go to Target. By.My.Damn.Self. I leisurely stroll down the aisles imagining where all the Nate Berkus décor can fit in my home. Then I buy things I don’t need and all is well in my world.

Dani Wagner | Live Love Learn Gracefully

Finding ways to recharge as a mom is super important, whether you work at home, stay at home, or work away from home.  As a stay at home and work from home mom, I am with my girls all day every day and babysitters are very hard to come by. I’ve had to learn to be creative in ways to recharge by finding things that we can do together that are fun for the girls but also rejuvenating for me.

Nature walks are probably my all-time favorite. If you know me or have been by the blog, you know that we love nature walks.  For me, nature walks allow us to get outside, soak up some Vitamin D, explore the world around us, and have fun together. I also love to try new things or places. Whether it’s scoping out all the playgrounds in the area, trying a new park, or venturing off to an aquarium or museum, it offers something new! If you can swing it I always recommend a date night with your hubby or a girls night with friends. I love when I can sneak away with my girlfriends for an evening of catching up and a lot of laughs. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to find what works for you and keep yourself rejuvenated and fresh.

Becky Miller | Mommy Takes 5

Recharge as a MomWhen you make it a priority to give yourselves 5 minutes a day you don’t hit that wall of exhaustion from not caring for your needs. I like to do mine during nap time so if I want more than 5 minutes I generally can take longer. My favorite things to do are put on makeup,  paint my nails, make a bath soak or scrub to use in the bath, or even just sit in silence. Day to day I will change what I do, it’s dependent on what my needs are on that day.

Erica Gilliam

As moms, it feels as though we are always giving of ourselves.  But if we don’t take time to refill and recharge, we will quickly burn out.  I used to struggle with embracing motherhood but once I discovered the value of allowing myself time away from everything, that started to change. A few times a week I now take the time to reconnect with myself at a coffee shop.  There is something about the environment that sparks my creativity and reminds me who I am outside of my role as wife and mother. These small dates with myself have allowed me to grow and feel more at peace as a mom.  If you don’t know where to start finding ways to recharge as a mom, here are more than 50 self-care activities that are perfect for busy moms!

Mae Johnson | The Gospel of Beauty

As a mom, we sometimes take care of everyone else except ourselves. We juggle closing the deals at work and running out during lunch breaks to buy our kid’s school project supplies. We resolve work-related issues over the phone while doing laundry. We answer work emails while helping our kids with their home works. In short, we have the tendency to be supermoms, but even supermoms need to recharge their energies.

To do this, we need to let go of any guilt to put ourselves first. After all, we cannot give what we don’t have. Unless we learn to recharge, we will eventually run empty and be unable to provide our family the care, attention, and dedication they need.

I practice self-care by giving myself permission to indulge, whether that’s by having a time for myself doing creative endeavors like art or writing, having some quiet time to meditate, taking a long, relaxing bath or heading out to a spa to enjoy a therapeutic massage. I try to do a dedicated “me” time at least once a week. Thus, at least one day a week, I let the laundry pile up, leave Lego blocks on the floor, or not even worry about running the vacuum, as I take care of myself first. When we put ourselves first, we are actually putting our family’s need top priority as we are able to refuel our energy and give more of it in the process.


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Bring the Spa into your Shower – DIY Shower Bombs

Bring the Spa into your Shower – DIY Shower Bombs

I don’t know about you, but my showers are my mini retreats.  Unfortunately, with three kids, it’s usually much quicker than I’d like.  I’ve found a way to make the most of whatever time I get by bringing in elements of relaxation when I can.  One of my favorite ways to do this is by making these DIY Shower Bombs.

Relaxation Shower Bombs

They are so inexpensive and easy to make and transport me away for a few minutes while I relax and melt away under the steamy hot water.  Trust me, you want these too!

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(That’s it!!)

How to Make:

  1. Pour a good amount of baking soda in a bowl (I don’t measure, I just pour what looks good)
  2. SLOWLY add water.  You want the mixture just wet enough to be able to scoop up with your hand and squeeze into a ball.  The wetter your mixture, the longer it takes to dry.
  3. Place the mixture into your silicone mold (I’ve used mini-muffin tins in the past so if that’s all you have, go for it!)
  4. Bake at 250 degrees for as long as it takes to dry.  I typically leave it for an hour or so but check to make sure yours is completely dry.  Alternatively – you can let them air dry for 1-3 days.  (I usually don’t have enough patience to wait for that).
  5. Remove from the mold and let cool.
  6. After they are cool, add 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil to the top.
  7. Store in an airtight container.  I don’t go fancy and keep mine in a plastic storage container.
Baking Soda, Water and Essential Oil is all you Need
You should be able to scoop up and form into a ball in your hands.

Fill your mold.  You’ll see in this picture that the top looks wet in this picture.  The moisture will settle to the top.  I usually attempt to pour some of this off but whatever doesn’t come off will dry in the oven.

Water will Settle to the Top but will Bake Out

After they cool, add the essential oil.

Add a few to your shower floor and…


I like to keep a plastic storage container in my bathroom cupboard full of shower bombs.  They keep really well and are really convenient to grab one or two and put in my shower when I’m ready for a break.  I may only have a few minutes but these shower bombs never fail to help me relax and feel like I’m in a spa.

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