Our Fabulous Baptism Party

This past Sunday we were finally able to baptize our youngest son.  We have wanted to get him baptized for quite some time, but my parents wanted to be there, and this was the earliest we could make it work.  They live in North Dakota, and it takes some planning for them to be able to come.  They have been there for the baptisms of both of the older kids so wanted to be here for this one.

Things got wild (and so much fun) when I came across an adorable pin on Pinterest for a baptism party.  And as they like to say, the rest is history.  I decided that there were way too many cute ideas to not have an all-out bash to celebrate this important day.

I’m kicking myself because unfortunately, I ended up running around playing party host too much to get great pictures of everything.  The party did turn out SO cute.  I have some pictures to share but I feel like I’m missing out on a few great pictures of the food.

Backyard Baptism Party

 The Theme

I decided to go with a shabby chic theme. With blues and greens as the primary colors.

Baptism Party Treat Table

The Decor Included:

  • Treat Table (which turned out adorable!  It’s pictured above before the treats were set out)
  • Beautiful Fabric Bunting
  • Personalized Onesie (to wear under his christening gown)
  • Customized Oatmeal Jars
  • Mason Jar Centerpieces
  • A Beyond Cute “Guest Book.”

Baby Onesie for Baptism saing "I was Baptized" today









My son’s godmother was a godsend for the entire party and helped me out with quite a few things in addition to helping me prepare several things before the party including these amazing mason jar centerpieces.  I added a picture of our son to each jar.

Mason Jar Centerpiece with white flowers and baby picture

The day began with Sunday service at our church.  The pastor talked about the sacraments during the sermon and mentioned his baptism.  She also centered the children’s sermon around his baptism as well.  My favorite part is the song they sing after the sacrament of baptism.  It’s like a lullaby that included his name.  I made it without crying up until that point.  It was waterworks after that!


The Menu

After the church service, everyone came over to our house for a fabulous brunch and to celebrate our sweet boy.  My husband (the amazing chef) whipped up a delicious meal.  The Menu was:

  • Breakfast corndogs (this was a huge hit!!)
  • Blueberry bread pudding with a cream cheese topping
  • Mushroom and cheese egg frittata
  • Roasted red potatoes
  • Steel cut oatmeal bar
  • Fresh fruit

Fixings for Steel Cut Oatmeal Bar

We also had OJ, both hot and iced coffee and water.  I had originally wanted to do a mimosa bar but after I considered the cost decided against it.  To my surprise, someone brought Champagne and so we still ended up with mimosas!


As a guestbook, we asked everyone to make their thumbprint and add their name to an outline of a tree.  This beautiful collective work of all of our guests turned out to be one of my favorite mementos from the party.  It is an amazing keepsake that my son will have for years to come.

We used a white picture frame (you can get a similar idea here), and our son’s godmother drew the outline of a tree and added a Bible verse.  To sign the books, we got a few different ColorBox complementing colors of pigment ink pads and laid out a few archival quality pens.  Each guest made their thumbprint and signed their name.  I am thrilled with how it turned out!

It was such a wonderful day with lots of family and friends and our neighbors.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the fabulous baptism party!  I was so happy that we were able to dedicate our son in God’s love.

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